Words that Close Ranks, December 2020

Words that Close Ranks, Hanuka - December 2020 In September, we held our annual event, to mark Closing Ranks' 5th anniversary. We have designated 2020 as the year dedicate to reinforcing the connection between the young, mentors and partners, to create a strong community open to an exchange of information, the discovery of talent [...]

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Words that Close Ranks 10, August 2020

Words that help to Close Ranks August 2020 We hope you are well! This September we will mark the fifth anniversary of “Closing Ranks” (see a notice at the end of the newsletter). The annual event will be dedicated to bringing the young people, the mentors, and community partners closer, encourage the exchange of information, [...]

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Words that close ranks 8, September 19

Closing Ranks’ Newsletter No. 8 Rosh Hashanah 5780 (2019) Elections: our version While the State is struggling its multiple election campaigns, tensions in the borders and the busy times of the holidays, our forces at Closing Ranks continue to charge ahead in full momentum, expanding our activities and fulfilling our promise to the voters… well, [...]

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Words that close ranks 7, July 19

Words that Close Ranks 7, July 2019 Revolving doors Sapir Yechieli has completed her tenure as coordinator of youth and volunteers in northern Israel and has stepped into her new role as the leader of the "Gal" premilitary college in Akko. We thank Sapir for her excellent work and wish her success and fulfillment in [...]

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Words that close ranks 6, April 19

Words that Close Ranks 6, April 2019 This Passover, which we happily welcome, is the first in a series of momentous national moments, denoting our becoming a people (Passover), the price we paid for independence (Memorial Day) and the joy of rebirth (Independence Day). We open this newsletter with the words of Doron Almog, chairman [...]

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